That’s right! This not-so-technical, computer-breaking mama has made a button for her blog! Woo-hoo!!! And the amazing thing? It works! I tried it!

This may not seem like that great of an accomplishment to most, but considering that I had no clue what a button even was a couple months ago, I’m thrilled =)! So…if you wanna grab my button =), just copy and paste the code found on the right sidebar into your site.

Also, if you need help creating a blog button, I highly recommend the following link: http://thelittlehenhouse.com/2011/01/31/how-to-make-a-blog-button-with-a-grab-box-a-tutorial/. After sifting through horribly complicated instructions online, I found this site! Morgan gave the easiest, most straight-forward way to create and implement your new button. I will say, the only thing I did differently was use FotoFlexer and Picnik to create my button rather than Photobucket, just because I was already familiar with them.

So here’s what my button looks like…TADA!!! =)


Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #7: Sponges

Kids are sponges! It’s true!…I know people have said that for years, but I guess I just didn’t realize HOW MUCH they can pick up at such an early age until I had little ones myself! It’s amazing!

Being pro-active in our children’s learning is a great encouragement to their development. They can learn from our everyday activities! We can talk with them, have them participate with us in some of our responsibilities, and explain to them what we’re up to.

Indulging in conversation with our children encourages them to ask questions. And if we don’t know the answer, we shouldn’t be afraid to tell them that! In fact, looking up the answer together can add even more to their learning experience.

The other day, Layla was asking why butterflies have antennae.  I wasn’t 100% certain so I said, “Let’s look it up!” We didn’t have time right that moment, but we made a point to find out the answer as soon as we had the chance.  I sat at the computer with her on my lap and typed our question into good ole Google and voila!…A ton of resources right at our finger tips.  We found the answer to our question and you know what happened?…it lead to more questions and fortunately, more answers!

Desiring to help our children fulfill their curiosity in healthy ways, encourages them to see life as an exciting opportunity for exploration and discovery. I want to remember that education doesn’t have to happen just in the confines of the classroom. And who knows….maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn a thing or two along the way =)!

P.S. We learned that butterflies use their antennae to smell! But the crazy thing we found out was that they taste with their feet to know if a leaf is good for laying eggs…can you imagine?  I’m not sure I’d want the ability to taste with my feet! (Thank you, http://butterflywebsite.com). Also, we discovered a click and paint butterfly that some of your kiddos might enjoy (http://www.coloring4all.com/coloring/butterfly_coloring_pages.htm). My daughter loved it! Lastly, A “thank you” to http://coloring.ws/butterfly1.htm for butterfly coloring pages.


A New Look!!!

So the last few days have been spent figuring out a new look for Mommon Sense. Being the “not-so-technical person” that I am, this has been quite the undertaking for me, but it’s done…for now =).

Being a little bit of a type-A personality who constantly battles with perfectionism, I’m sure it will continue to get tweaks, but hopefully I’m a ways away from completely re-doing the whole thing!

For those of you that have visited the site during the ongoing makeover, thank you for your patience.  My husband keeps telling me I need to figure out a test environment for when I’m trying things out so I’m not changing the actual site, but yeah I’ve yet to figure that out!

Now, I can relax…the girls are down for the night and I’ve got a date with my hottie of a husband!…a movie and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s! Sweet dreams everyone!!!




Signs You Are a Mom #14

14. You become ecstatic at the successful use of an aspirator!

*In case you’re wondering what an aspirator is…Ahem! (clearing of throat)…

ASPIRATOR- that TORTUROUS contraption used to suck snot out of your poor baby’s nose!

If you’re an expectant mother and can’t relate yet, you just wait!…you’ll be amazed at both the great accomplishment, as well as utter frustration you can experience when needing to use this awful/wonderful device! (Man, the things us moms will go through for the good of our babies! =))




A Mother’s Prayer

Something I wrote a while back with my girls in mind…

A Mother’s Prayer

Dedicated to my precious Layla Christine & Kenley Joy


Sweet Serenade

How I love living in a world where building blocks can become drums and dry-erase markers and screwdrivers become drumsticks! Tonight I was serenaded by the sweet sound of my husband, Sean, and my three year old, Layla, drumming away to “Come Sail Away” by Styx!

All I can say is I love the world of wonder and imagination that kids live in!…and we as moms have the privilege of joining them in that little world.

I was cleaning up dishes from dinner and doing random pick-up around the house when I was drawn to the living room by the contagious excitement and fun being had on the homemade drums! =)My hubby and Layla pounded away and I couldn’t resist joining in to sing at the top of my lungs, “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me!”  I needed that!

Sometimes, especially after a long day, I need to be distracted from my responsibilities and duties to just have fun.  It’s usually times like that that I hear Layla say, “Mommy, you’re silly!” But you know what?  She didn’t say that tonight!  Maybe she’s getting used to my silliness =).

If you have any fun moments from this week that you’d like to share about you and your kiddos, please leave a comment! Sweet dreams!



Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #6: Put the Camera Down!

Enjoy the moment….not everything needs to be captured in a photo or video. It took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to go sprinting for the camera as soon as every cute little thing happened. Sometimes it’s just better to be still…breath in the moment…and cherish it. I find that sometimes capturing a mental memory is much more meaningful than a still picture.

Often there’s touch, maybe the warmth of Kenley’s hand pressed against my cheek (how I love that); smell, like that of the girls’ freshly washed hair; sound, Layla’s beautiful care-free singing or Kenley’s adamant call for “Momma”; taste, yummm…homemade pancakes made by my favorite cooks, Daddy and Layla, with Kenley supervising (of course); as well as sight, seeing Kenley try to mimic her sister by attempting to put headbands on her head!

True, pictures are wonderful, but sometimes I just want to be in the moment with my family. Rather than hunting for the camera or trying to get the perfect shot, I get to be a participant in what they’re doing. Making those memories with my family reminds me how blessed I am and how much I love my job as a mom! The pay may not be so great, but the benefits…unbeatable! =) Happy memory-making!!!


Making Life Easier #2: Oxo Good Grips Dust Pan & Brush

Okay, so this may sound a little like a commercial, but I love this product! Who has time to break out the vacuum after every meal? And to me, most brooms are just cumbersome. I love my little Oxo Good Grips dust pan and brush!

After the kiddos are done eating, I just do a quick little sweep up on their chairs and the floor around them. Best part, this trusty little brush and dust pan is super compact so it can fit right inside my pantry. Plus, the dust pan’s size and shape make it easy to empty all of those pesky crumbs into the trash can without dropping them right  back onto the floor! As I’ve mentioned before, not all things are created equal! I have tried other little dust pan and brush sets and half the time I can’t get anything into the pan.  This one by Oxo has been great for me! Having one in the coat closet by the front door is also a good idea for all of those little things my family and I seem to track in. I’ve decided to add one to my bathroom as well since I seem to shed hair like crazy! Happy sweeping!



Signs You Are a Mom…#13


#13 Gone are the days of uninterrupted phone conversations!

(If you’re a mom and don’t know what I mean, PLEASE tell me your secret =))

P.S. a pic of my beautiful interruptions! Oh how I love them!!!


Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #5: Consignment Shopping

#5  As we start to think about fall and re-stocking our kids wardrobes, I want to share a little money-saving tidbit…Consignment sales are your friends! There is no shame in buying used!  Now, of course, there are some things you have to be careful with because of recalls, like cribs…and used car seats are a “no-no” because they could’ve been in an accident!  But as far as used clothing goes, I am ALL about consignment sales! As kids grow older and wear threw clothing more, selection can be a bit limited, but for babies and toddlers you can typically get things that are practically brand new!  The advantage…they can come at a much lower price than retail. Plus, as your kiddos outgrow their clothes, you can consign them and use the funds to clothe your children for the upcoming year! Now beware, just because it may be a consigned item doesn’t necessarily make it a bargain.  Check labels and have a rough idea of what you could get brand new items for in store. If your kids are hard on clothes, look for brands that last and tend to hold up to lots of laundering. In my experience, Gymboree has been a great brand to get used.  They have usually held up rather well and look almost new upon my purchasing them.  Most of the time I can get Gymboree items for a fraction of what I would have paid brand new.   At the right price, I’m usually happy with Osh Kosh, Baby Gap, and Carter’s as well.  Being the bargain shopper that I am, I love consignment sales! Let me just add too that I only purchase items I love…Just because its a bargain doesn’t mean I HAVE to buy it.  If I’m going to purchase it its because I love it and think it will look adorable on my girls =)!  So happy consigning and happy shopping!