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The Soft Side of Mommon Sense

Pause Button, Please!

A couple weeks back my oldest turned four.  Totally crazy! Of course I had/am having the whole teary-eyed, lip-quivering “my baby’s four” thing going on, but for now I won’t go all basket case on you. I just want to … Continue reading


Sisterly Love

Being the sentimental sap that I am, here’s a little convo with my 4 year old that I just had to share… Layla:  (looking very pleased with herself)  Mommy, you want to hear a song that I wrote? Me:  Sure! … Continue reading


Wordless(ish) Wednesday: What’s That Coming Down the Street?

Get ready… It’s almost here… What you ask? THE TRASH “TUCK”! Translation…trash truck. (We’re easily amused!) =) Awaiting the truck’s arrival,  Kenley, stitch-free (YAY!) & Layla, my now FOUR year old. A lot happens in a week. =) (And did … Continue reading


The Wonder of the Trash Truck!

You hear the rumbling make its way down the street and you waddle your best waddle to the kitchen window.  The blinds are in your way, but you can fix that.  Just pry those pesky blinds far enough apart to … Continue reading


Before Becoming Your Mom

Dear Layla and Kenley, It may be difficult to imagine, but I wasn’t always a mommy.  I wasn’t always a wife.  And being the curious little girls that you are, I thought you might find it interesting one day to … Continue reading


Guess Who’s Walking?!

Important announcement!  Drum roll, please?…WE HAVE A NEW WALKER IN THE FAMILY!!!  Woo-hoo! At the precocious age of 17 months, Kenley has finally decided to throw caution to the wind and walk on her own!  For a short period of … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Recap

With the Thanksgiving festivities over and the Christmas commitments already filling up the calendar, I figured I better make a few Thanksgiving Day notes to myself before I forget… Note to Self #1: Turkey- not bad, but last year’s was … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 4: A Modern-Day Privilege

For Day 4 there’s a little modern-day contraption I am very thankful to have! It allows me to capture some wonderful memories for my husband and I, as well as some keepsakes for the girls…our camera! Dear Little Camera, Although … Continue reading


“What?…When?…How?!”: A Mother’s Revelation

Do you ever have those moments when you suddenly notice something new about your child and you find yourself in a sudden state of disbelief thinking, “When did this happen? How did this happen?” Well, that was me last week, … Continue reading


Sweet Serenade

How I love living in a world where building blocks can become drums and dry-erase markers and screwdrivers become drumsticks! Tonight I was serenaded by the sweet sound of my husband, Sean, and my three year old, Layla, drumming away … Continue reading