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The More Serious Side of Mommon Sense

For Your Birthday: Reasons I Like You

Dear Layla Girl, You’re FOUR YEARS OLD today!  I’m so excited for you! And I’m so excited to be spending the day with you and Daddy and Kenley. Layla Christine, I tell you “I love you” all the time.   … Continue reading


Wordless(ish) Wednesday: ER Visit

Chin meets toy chest… Teeth meet lip… We meet ER doctor. Three and half hours.  Three stitches. And many tears later. =( My poor baby…Not the photo I was hoping to post today. Linked up today for Wordless(ish) Wednesday with: … Continue reading


Love at First Sight?

For once, we arrived early.  We sat a few minutes in the car while you finished your banana and I sipped on my tall, whole milk, vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso and an extra pump of vanilla! … Continue reading


Just One Month Old

You were only a month old…It was a dark, cool spring night and we were returning home after a wonderful visit with Grandma and Grandpa Bryant. They thought you were the most precious little thing!  Just a short drive and … Continue reading


Expect the Unexpected: Christmas 2011

5pm Christmas Eve…I arrive at the church early for a sound check. The plan? Rehearse a solo for the evening’s service. Upon my arrival, I realize people are a little frantic, making last minute adjustments. No problem, I’ll sit and … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 7: A Boy

Day 7: Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!! Woo-hoo!  Bring on the turkey! But before I dig in, I can’t let this Thanksgiving pass without giving my gratitude for a boy that was placed in my life eighteen years ago…my husband. We met … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 6: The Missus & The Mister

Day 6: Yesterday I attended a funeral. It was the funeral of a dear, sweet woman that lived to be 90 years old. I met this woman and her husband about 4 years ago. I was pregnant with Layla and … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 3: Pokes & Prods

Okay, so I’m on Day 3 of things I am thankful for!  If you missed them,  feel free to check out Day 1 and Day 2… =) Day 3: Tiny pokes and prods! In the last week, Kenley has added … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 2: Little Girl Hair

As a part of my Thanksgiving preparations, I’m counting down the last seven days with things that I’m thankful for.  I’m not typically an everyday blogger, but I felt that in the hustle and bustle that has already begun, it … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 1: Parents Who Love Each Other

So there’s only a week until Thanksgiving and in order to prepare my heart and mind I thought I would share some of the things in my life that I am so very grateful for.  So here goes… Day 1: … Continue reading