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The Creative Side of Mommon Sense

Rainbow & Pot o’ Gold Fruit Platter: St. Patrick’s Day Party Pleaser

Today my little preschooler has a St. Patrick’s Day party.  And this time we signed up for fruit.  Figured that one shouldn’t be too bad. Brainstorming our options, this is what we came up with… A rainbow of strawberries, oranges, … Continue reading


10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

What is it about a little rain that makes us feel blah?! I don’t know, but I do know that when I was a kid, my mom had a way of breaking that gloomy day boredom. Her ability to turn … Continue reading


Making Life Easier #6: Kid’s Laundry Corner

So taming the chaos within our home has been an ongoing project for some time, but recently I’ve become slightly obsessed with it. Nothing has been a major undertaking, but just little changes/additions here and there to make life a … Continue reading


From Mundane to Memorable

So one day last week my hubby was home sick, and it was one of those cold, yucky “I want to stay in and cozy up by the fire” kind of days.  However with kids that daydream lasts about ten … Continue reading


Just ‘Cuz Cupcakes

Maybe its because it just seemed like fun…or maybe its because my body’s going through withdrawals after all the Christmas holiday treats!  But whatever the reason, last week I decided to break out the aprons and bake some cupcakes! Now … Continue reading


Making Life Easier #5: Accessible Flushable Wipes

Okay, so I don’t know what it is about the flushable wipes in my daughter’s bathroom, but they’re always out of reach when needed…which means I hear, “Mommy?….Mommy?!…MOMMY!!!” So today with about sixty seconds and some Command Strips, I saved … Continue reading


A Face Behind the Name

Ta-Da!!! Mommon Sense is back with the new improved 3.0 version! A lot of changes have taken place since last Friday…a lot. And if you weren’t familiar with the old look, well here’s a glimpse… Visually, it’s a whole new … Continue reading


A Little “Redecorating”

Okay so I admit it…I have commitment issues!  Not so much with my responsibilities or family relationships (although I’m horrible keeping up long distance friendships), but aesthetically speaking!  What I find pleasing to look at today, totally annoys me tomorrow … Continue reading


Making Vegetables Fun for Kids: Veggie People

Okay, so here’s the deal…I signed up to bring veggies and dip to my daughter’s fall preschool party and then had this sudden fear that I was the “so-not-cool mom” bringing VEGETABLES to a kids’ party! I had to do … Continue reading


Hidden Potential: The Beauty of Building Blocks

So maybe this won’t be all that enlightening to most, but I just have to say I think building blocks are great!…awesome…totally cool…the bomb? I don’t know…whatever today’s lingo equivalent is. Anyways, building blocks! I know they are a rather … Continue reading