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The Homemaking Side of Mommon Sense

Making Life Easier #3: Formula Dispenser

3) The Philips AVENT Formula Dispenser! Mommies-To-Be and Mommies with little precious babies, here’s a little product that was great for me when my girls were using formula. Both of my daughters nursed, but occasionally I would supplement with formula … Continue reading

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Making Life Easier #2: Oxo Good Grips Dust Pan & Brush

Okay, so this may sound a little like a commercial, but I love this product! Who has time to break out the vacuum after every meal? And to me, most brooms are just cumbersome. I love my little Oxo Good … Continue reading


Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #5: Consignment Shopping

#5  As we start to think about fall and re-stocking our kids wardrobes, I want to share a little money-saving tidbit…Consignment sales are your friends! There is no shame in buying used!  Now, of course, there are some things you … Continue reading


Making Life Easier #1: Baby Wipes, Baby Wipes, & More Baby Wipes

This is a topic I will continue to add to over time, but I will begin with the first little tip that makes my hectic days a little less crazy… #1  Baby wipes in every room. It may sound crazy, … Continue reading


Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #3: Generic Formula

Store brand formula can be just as good as the expensive stuff! Now, you may have a child that has a more sensitive belly and can only have a certain formula… if that’s your case, disregard this one! My little … Continue reading


Couponing: Making it Work for Me

Okay, so here’s my take on the whole couponing deal…I never was a big coupon person when it came to groceries, but now that seems to be all the rage. A few months ago, I figured maybe I should look … Continue reading