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The Humorous Side of Mommon Sense

Signs You Are a Mom #20

I’m flattered…really I am!  It’s kind of nice that someone thinks I have the power to make things appear or disappear at will.  But unfortunately, my dear, I’m not like Tabitha’s mommy, Samantha…or Jeannie…or that “perfect in every way” nanny, … Continue reading


Desperate Times…Desperate Measures! (12 Days of Christmas: Day 5)

So yesterday was our Christmas musical at church and I was one of the five singers out in front. I tell you that so you can understand my little blunder! You see, I am a time-challenged person…majorly time challenged. You … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Recap

With the Thanksgiving festivities over and the Christmas commitments already filling up the calendar, I figured I better make a few Thanksgiving Day notes to myself before I forget… Note to Self #1: Turkey- not bad, but last year’s was … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 5: A Family Portrait

So as we approach Thanksgiving, I’m taking each day to share something I have that I am thankful for.  Today I give thanks for some very special people…my fun, crazy, loving…did I mention crazy?…family!  I am so grateful for sharing … Continue reading


Fine! It was me!

So last week this mommy was under the weather and so was my littlest, Kenley. Each day was a test of perseverance!  We took one hour at a time, trying to make a very sick, fussy baby as happy as … Continue reading


Signs You Are a Mom #19

19) A relaxing, peaceful shower? What’s that?! Now it’s a mad dash to wash and rinse before a child does bodily harm to him/herself…or a beloved sibling! =) I don’t know about you, but I love a good shower…absolutely love … Continue reading


Here, Girl!

Okay, so is it horrible that I’m kind of training my daughter to fetch her own diaper like a dog? I mean really I’m just giving her an age appropriate responsibility, right? I guess I just feel a little funny … Continue reading


Signs You Are a Mom #18

18) Bodily functions are not nearly as gross as they use to be.  Don’t get me wrong…they’re still gross, but there’s something kind of cute and endearing about a toddler tooting. Don’t believe me? Enjoy the following dialogue…Oh but before … Continue reading


Signs You Are a Mom #17

17. Quiet was once peaceful…now it means trouble! (especially if you’ve got toddlers…or teens =))


When Dust Bunnies Mate…

So a few days ago, I dared to take a peak under our bed and thought hmmm…maybe it would be a good idea to go through everything “stored” (in other words, all those random things we’ve just shoved under there, … Continue reading