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That’s right! This not-so-technical, computer-breaking mama has made a button for her blog! Woo-hoo!!! And the amazing thing? It works! I tried it! This may not seem like that great of an accomplishment to most, but considering that I had … Continue reading

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Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #7: Sponges

Kids are sponges! It’s true!…I know people have said that for years, but I guess I just didn’t realize HOW MUCH they can pick up at such an early age until I had little ones myself! It’s amazing! Being pro-active … Continue reading


A New Look!!!

So the last few days have been spent figuring out a new look for Mommon Sense. Being the “not-so-technical person” that I am, this has been quite the undertaking for me, but it’s done…for now =). Being a little bit … Continue reading


Signs You Are a Mom #14

14. You become ecstatic at the successful use of an aspirator! *In case you’re wondering what an aspirator is…Ahem! (clearing of throat)… ASPIRATOR- that TORTUROUS contraption used to suck snot out of your poor baby’s nose! If you’re an expectant … Continue reading


A Mother’s Prayer

Something I wrote a while back with my girls in mind… A Mother’s Prayer Dedicated to my precious Layla Christine & Kenley Joy


Sweet Serenade

How I love living in a world where building blocks can become drums and dry-erase markers and screwdrivers become drumsticks! Tonight I was serenaded by the sweet sound of my husband, Sean, and my three year old, Layla, drumming away … Continue reading


Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #6: Put the Camera Down!

Enjoy the moment….not everything needs to be captured in a photo or video. It took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to go sprinting for the camera as soon as every cute little thing happened. Sometimes it’s … Continue reading


Making Life Easier #2: Oxo Good Grips Dust Pan & Brush

Okay, so this may sound a little like a commercial, but I love this product! Who has time to break out the vacuum after every meal? And to me, most brooms are just cumbersome. I love my little Oxo Good … Continue reading


Signs You Are a Mom…#13

  #13 Gone are the days of uninterrupted phone conversations! (If you’re a mom and don’t know what I mean, PLEASE tell me your secret =)) P.S. a pic of my beautiful interruptions! Oh how I love them!!!


Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner #5: Consignment Shopping

#5  As we start to think about fall and re-stocking our kids wardrobes, I want to share a little money-saving tidbit…Consignment sales are your friends! There is no shame in buying used!  Now, of course, there are some things you … Continue reading