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A Face Behind the Name

Ta-Da!!! Mommon Sense is back with the new improved 3.0 version! A lot of changes have taken place since last Friday…a lot. And if you weren’t familiar with the old look, well here’s a glimpse… Visually, it’s a whole new … Continue reading


A Little “Redecorating”

Okay so I admit it…I have commitment issues!  Not so much with my responsibilities or family relationships (although I’m horrible keeping up long distance friendships), but aesthetically speaking!  What I find pleasing to look at today, totally annoys me tomorrow … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Recap

With the Thanksgiving festivities over and the Christmas commitments already filling up the calendar, I figured I better make a few Thanksgiving Day notes to myself before I forget… Note to Self #1: Turkey- not bad, but last year’s was … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 7: A Boy

Day 7: Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!! Woo-hoo!  Bring on the turkey! But before I dig in, I can’t let this Thanksgiving pass without giving my gratitude for a boy that was placed in my life eighteen years ago…my husband. We met … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 6: The Missus & The Mister

Day 6: Yesterday I attended a funeral. It was the funeral of a dear, sweet woman that lived to be 90 years old. I met this woman and her husband about 4 years ago. I was pregnant with Layla and … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 5: A Family Portrait

So as we approach Thanksgiving, I’m taking each day to share something I have that I am thankful for.  Today I give thanks for some very special people…my fun, crazy, loving…did I mention crazy?…family!  I am so grateful for sharing … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 4: A Modern-Day Privilege

For Day 4 there’s a little modern-day contraption I am very thankful to have! It allows me to capture some wonderful memories for my husband and I, as well as some keepsakes for the girls…our camera! Dear Little Camera, Although … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 3: Pokes & Prods

Okay, so I’m on Day 3 of things I am thankful for!  If you missed them,  feel free to check out Day 1 and Day 2… =) Day 3: Tiny pokes and prods! In the last week, Kenley has added … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 2: Little Girl Hair

As a part of my Thanksgiving preparations, I’m counting down the last seven days with things that I’m thankful for.  I’m not typically an everyday blogger, but I felt that in the hustle and bustle that has already begun, it … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Countdown Day 1: Parents Who Love Each Other

So there’s only a week until Thanksgiving and in order to prepare my heart and mind I thought I would share some of the things in my life that I am so very grateful for.  So here goes… Day 1: … Continue reading