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June Frugal Fashionista Friday

Welcome to Frugal Fashionista Friday! With summer approaching at the end of the month, I’m embracing bright colors and sleeveless tops! My hubby gifted me with a “Mommy Day Out” so I did a little shopping for the warm weather … Continue reading


Motherhood: A Life of Luxury

Last week I gave you one good reason why being a mom totally rocks, but today I share some of the finer luxuries motherhood has afforded me. First… My very own florists who provide me beautiful hand-picked arrangements. A personal … Continue reading


Being a Mom Totally Rocks

It’s 10:45…at night. And do you know what I’m doing? I’m sitting. I’m relaxing. And I’m eating this… With my hands. A piece of leftover CHOCOLATE. FROSTED. CHOCOLATE. CAKE… from Mother’s Day. Being a mom totally rocks!


10 Ways to Make a Better Sandwich

As a SAHM, I eat a lot of lunches at home or at least I try to.  But admittedly, it’s easy to get the kiddos lunch and then use that time checking things off the to-do list. 4:30 rolls around … Continue reading


Frugal Fashionista Friday: May Edition

Welcome to Frugal Fashionista Friday!  And yay for warm weather!  I was excited to do my shopping this month.  I wanted to find something suitable for spring and summer and push my comfort zone a bit. Like I told you … Continue reading


Catch of the Day!

When I go by the meat section, I’m grabbing the usual ground beef and boneless, skinless chicken breasts…occasionally steak, pot roast, or corned beef. But tonight in a rush to beat my husband home and get dinner on the table … Continue reading


In the Dog House!

It was one of those mornings… Slow-roll out of bed. Eyes half closed, feeling my way towards the bathroom. The night had not exactly been a peaceful one. Layla had woken more than a couple times (very unusual for her) … Continue reading


A First for Layla

 A few weeks ago, Layla asked if she could make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. She did the whole thing herself from start to finish! And I must say I was quite the proud momma watching … Continue reading


It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry If I Want To

I sat with Kenley in the waiting area as Layla finished her dance class. One of the moms commented that when I was away and my husband brought Layla for dance that Kenley wanted him to sit in a particular … Continue reading


FYI: On Spring Break!

This announcement is a little late, but we’ve been enjoying Spring Break! Mommon Sense will be back next week! Hugs to you all… Elizabeth =)