10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

What is it about a little rain that makes us feel blah?! I don’t know, but I do know that when I was a kid, my mom had a way of breaking that gloomy day boredom. Her ability to turn those yucky days into magical memories has inspired me…I want to do the same for my girls.

So here are ten ideas (some hers, some mine) that just might make us moms and our kids look forward to the next rainy day!

  1. Drape a sheet or blanket over the dining room table to create a fort and grab some toys to take in for fun.
  2. Create an indoor obstacle course. Use random household items like chairs, laundry baskets, and cardboard boxes. Add dress up clothes to make things all the more interesting.
  3. Sacrifice a roll of toilet paper and let them decorate the house, their room, or themselves!
  4. Create a band! Grab some pots and pans, some wooden spoons, and some ear plugs for yourself and let the kids go to town making some noise. You can even put some uncooked rice or small pasta in an empty water bottle for a simple, homemade maraca. Just make sure the top is super tight and then duct taped! =)
  5. Make sugar cookies and colored icing to decorate with.  And since none of us want to drag the kids to the store on a rainy day, here are some recipes with ingredients found in many of our pantries and refrigerators…
    1. The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe at AllRecipes.com
    2. Confectioner’s Sugar Glaze Icing by Wilton
  6. Let the kids have bubble conversations. This may sound like a crazy one, but if you have more than one kiddo in the house trying to shake the rainy day blues, this is good for some laughs. Have the kids sit around the kitchen table and give them each a cup of water (filled only half-way) with a straw. Let them blow bubbles in their cup as if they are talking to each other. One begins, then the other responds, and so forth. It’s a great way to be silly and creative! Not to mention, an awesome excuse for blowing bubbles with your straw! And Moms, don’t be afraid to join in too. =)
  7. Grab some plastic cups and a light ball and enjoy some indoor bowling. You could set the cups up in the typical bowling formation or stack them pyramid-style. (My kiddos prefer the pyramid so they can watch the cups fall!)
  8. During snack time, make some hot chocolate or pop some popcorn.  Pull up the blinds, sit, and watch the rain together. And don’t forget a place to prop your feet!
  9. If you have little girls like me, rainy days are a great time for mini pedicures. Break out the polish and let your little miss enjoy a little pampering!
  10. If there’s no lightning, go play in the rain! Jump in puddles, sing, dance, and feel the drops fall on your face. Don’t worry, it’s just rain…nothing a towel and change of clothes can’t fix!

So next time your kiddos are feeling the rainy day blues, try a few of these ideas! I’d love to know if they help or if you have an idea to suggest.  Thanks for stopping by! =)
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5 Responses to 10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

  1. Jessica says:

    I needed this post today. We have freezing rain here today and my husband is working late. Thanks for giving me some new ideas to try!
    Jessica recently posted..FacesMy Profile

    • Mommon Sense says:

      Hope one of these works for you or at least inspires a new idea! We’ve got yucky weather today too so we’ve been putting a few of these to use ! In fact I was sporting the latest in tissue scarves only minutes ago. =)

  2. Shiloh says:

    So many fun ideas! I remember doing a lot of them when I was growing up. I loved playing forts and in the rain.
    Shiloh recently posted..Palm Sunday ProjectMy Profile

    • Mommon Sense says:

      Yeah, I remember those days as a kid too.
      I remember living in Puerto Rico and running around barefoot in the rain outside our home. I still hear my friend and I laughing and giggling! =)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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