Making Life Easier #3: Formula Dispenser

3) The Philips AVENT Formula Dispenser! Mommies-To-Be and Mommies with little precious babies, here’s a little product that was great for me when my girls were using formula. Both of my daughters nursed, but occasionally I would supplement with formula (especially if I was out and about). This little dispenser has 3 compartments to store your formula powder.  Just measure out what you need before leaving the house, and when you need to make a bottle its ready to use! (This also works great if you’re making preparations for a babysitter.) Sure, you can purchase on-the-go packets of formula, but in the long run its a lot more cost effective to buy a big container of powdered formula and one of these nifty re-usable dispensers.  Also, a plus to this particular one, the AVENT dispenser, is that the formula divider is an insert that can be removed; thus allowing it to later be used as a snack container! (Please note that not all brands have this option.) Hooray, I love it when things have a double use =)! I also love it when things make life easier and save me money all at the same time!  Woo-hoo!!!

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