That’s right! This not-so-technical, computer-breaking mama has made a button for her blog! Woo-hoo!!! And the amazing thing? It works! I tried it!

This may not seem like that great of an accomplishment to most, but considering that I had no clue what a button even was a couple months ago, I’m thrilled =)! So…if you wanna grab my button =), just copy and paste the code found on the right sidebar into your site.

Also, if you need help creating a blog button, I highly recommend the following link: http://thelittlehenhouse.com/2011/01/31/how-to-make-a-blog-button-with-a-grab-box-a-tutorial/. After sifting through horribly complicated instructions online, I found this site! Morgan gave the easiest, most straight-forward way to create and implement your new button. I will say, the only thing I did differently was use FotoFlexer and Picnik to create my button rather than Photobucket, just because I was already familiar with them.

So here’s what my button looks like…TADA!!! =)

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