Proud Mommy Moment

So today was one of those days that I found myself trying to grasp my reality. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever had those days that you suddenly realize you are the age that you are, you’re someone’s wife, someone’s mom, etc.? Well, maybe you don’t have those moments, but from time to time I have those little eye-opening realizations of “oh yeah, I’m an adult now!” And I think to myself, “Where has the time gone?”

Today I was sitting on the rocker in my girls’ room, sipping my coffee and just watching them play. I have to say I love those moments. Layla was sitting at her little tea table playing an alphabet game and Kenley was on her tippy toes trying to reach as many little plastic cups and saucers she possibly could without falling (she’s not walking, but pulling up all over the place). I looked at Layla and it honestly was like one of those moments from a movie. You know where they are showing a flashback or a look into the future and there’s that glowing haze around the picture…almost like for a brief moment, we were outside time and space. Layla looked so grown up…her pink dress bringing out the pink in her cheeks and her sandy brown hair framing her round little face. I could start to get an image of her as a teen! And there she was making her letter sounds and singing ABC’s so independently. I had such pride just watching her.

Less than a foot away from Layla was Kenley…what a cutie! She’ll be turning 1 in less than a week and I just can’t believe it. She had such curiosity on her face and such determination trying to reach across the table to get exactly what she desired. With a smile on my face and a slight chuckle, I thought, “This one’s my little fighter!” Something tells me she is not going to be easily deterred in life! About two seconds later, she realized she wanted her sister’s alphabet game. This resulted in a rather passionate lunge from Kenley, a squeal from Layla, followed by Layla’s quick retreat to her bed where Kenley would not be able to reach and disturb her. Yet, another little glimps of what I’m sure is to come =).

But, yeah…it was nice. It was nice to just sit and take in the moment. Moments like these are so precious to me and I know I need to take them while I can get them! They’re a reminder that my little reality is pretty darn great and I’m super blessed to be the mommy of these awesome little girls.

If you have some mommy moments you’d like to share, leave a comment! I’d love to read about them!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!

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